The value is priceless

The reason why is so hard to give an exact price for most photo assignment projects is because at the time of the initial interview, there is not a single picture captured yet. Without the benefit of seeing the images how could anyone decide the exact size, the format of the product(s) (whether is it a wall mount, or gallery wrap, a leather album or a photo memory book, and so on?) or even the number of photos to be worked on. I am happy to work within the customer’s budget and price point to provide the best value possible.

In order to simplify the photographic services, rates are broken up for “in house” or “on location” charges. For example, in-studio includes all session fees, computer time, proofing consultation(s) and correction(s). It is billed at the hourly rate of $45.00 per hour with a minimum of $25.00 charge for less than half an hour labor.

On location time is billed at the rate of $60.00 per hour. It includes packing, setting up lights and accessories, dismantling them at the end of the event, as well as the travel time. I am committed to stay as long as any activity worth capturing is visible. On some assignments, there might be additional soft costs, such as parking fees, tolls, overnight stay or tickets as they might be applicable. These prices apply when our studio is commissioned to deliver the final photo product(s) as well.

However please remember that most projects must consist of capturing the actual images and processing them on the computer. Conforming with trade practices, I cannot release raw digital files without the benefit of some post-capture workflow. Hence on-location time will be augmented with some studio labor as well. The images are governed by the standard nationally and internationally accepted copyright laws, but the digital files and copies of photos could be released with a license for personal use at the conclusion of the order.

Remember, because each assignment varies in its scope, the required time depends on its complexity and customer’s expectation. Hence I can only list my standard rate for you to compare with other professionals. In conclusion, for a free customized and “no obligation” estimate please contact me soon.