Nestled in a leafy residential section of Cleveland Heights, our lovely studio will surprise you with its coziness and inviting aura. The interior radiates “creation is in progress.”

The latest photographic products sprinkle the studio…asking to be touched, held and examined. A large monitor dominates a corner…testifying to the latest in computer technology. Looking around it is easy to spot names like Apple, Sony, Zeiss and Epson – confirming digital technology is at home here.

This is not a warehouse or industrial space. It is a private, personal workshop. A place where you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable. Witnessing an expert craftsman perform his trade, a sitting feels like a casual fun time, rather than a rigid session. Easy access to Grafixer Studio and ample free parking makes the visit pleasant from start to finish. A simple phone call will get instant help and a real person will wait for you at the curb.

This is an ideal studio for ideas, creativity, artisan crafts or simply a friendly conversation.

This is where magic happens.

Let’s begin…

Please contact me today for a free consultation.

Grafixer Studio

1805 Staunton Road Cleveland, Ohio 44118-2225