Recipe for a yummy baby photo session


  • Ten itsy bitsy fingers

  • Ten teeny tiny toes

  • Chubby, rosy cheeks

  • Cute button nose

  • Tons of kisses and a bucketful of tender love

  • Curled up in position only a baby is capable of


Share it generously with loved ones. Additional medicinal benefits of baby portraits were recorded among grandparents. CAUTION: grandparents are known to take such baby photos in limitless quantities if left unsupervised. Other side effects include: Teary eyes, choked-up throat, warm tingly feeling, wide and long-lasting smiles. In case of persistent grin, see a qualified attendant.


Provides long-lasting energy and improves the metabolism of the soul.


The urge for these type of photos should be tended to as soon as possible. Neglect could lead to unforeseen consequences and long-term regrets.


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