Children Photography

I admit it, I don’t have enough pictures of my daughters.


As a photographer, you can imagine how many pictures I took of my three daughters. Hundreds. Thousands. Now, as an empty-nester, I don’t seem to have enough…


Every age has its precious moments. When you saw their very first and very own expressions. When they started to talk… and only you could understand them. (Remember keeping a diary of their vocabulary?) When they played nicely and quietly. (True. It happened only once.)  How many times have you said: “I want to freeze this moment right now!”


Now you can.


As a professional photographer, I can capture those moments that you’ll enjoy for a lifetime.

The investment is minimal. The return is invaluable.


One more thing.


When your children come home, they’ll demand their old pictures to compare to their own kids. Be prepared. :-)


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