A bar or bat Mitzvah is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration.  Capturing its significance is an investment…rather than an expense.

Consider the effort you made to reach this junction. Years of emotional endowment. Tuitions and educational expenses. Nurturing and coaching. All of it leading up to this special day. Just to pull off the logistics of the day’s events deserves a reward. How much of it could you retain in your memory? What would it be worth to have some tangible evidence that could bring back the excitement and emotion?

We could do it for less than you think.

A studio photo session, with a customized portrait, starts from just $180.00. You have the choice of numerous sizes and finishes. Shadow-box, metal print or gallery wrap. All complete with hanging hardware that can be delivered in less than ten days. Ready to be displayed.

Should you prefer a more detailed coverage of your child’s bar/bat mitzvah and group pictures of your friends and family, consider a memory book or album. Starting at $450.00, you can participate in the creation of an image collection, which will tell your child’s story. This will not only remind you what happened, but will testify to all the devotion to your child’s celebration …even to his or her children and grandchildren.

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